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By Maydaa Abo El-Nadar

Parallel to the celebrations of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture – established in 1958- for its 60th anniversary, the Hungarian Embassy and cultural centre in Cairo – Balassi Intézet – were honoring the Hungarian revolution’s anniversary.  

On this occasion, at the Cairo Opera House on Saturday, conductor István Dénes was invited to lead the Cairo symphony orchestra for a concert under the title of “Viva Hungaria”.

Along with Dénes, soloists Peter Olah –performing a flute- and Mohamed Shames –performing a piano- were the heroes of the night.

After Hungarian Ambassador to Egypt Péter Kveck delivered an opening speech, the event was divided into four parts. Firstly, the overture was a performance of Hunyadi László for the Hungarian composer Ferenc Erkel. Then Fantasie Pastorale for Franz Doppler was played. Afterwards, a track for Franz Liszt was preformed. The event was concluded by the symphony no.7 “Revolution” for László Lajtha.

During the event, Dénes, Shames, and Olah dedicated to the audience a short musical piece symbolizing the friendship between Hungary and Egypt.

Hungarian Embassy and cultural centre in Cairo always celebrate the 1956 Revolution’s anniversary in a very special and different way. In 2016, to commemorate this historical event, Csics Gyula, who wrote his diary when he was 12 in 1956 witnessing the Revolution, visited the Balassi Intézet in Cairo. The 2016’s event was a book signing of the Arabic version for his diary. The book sighing was followed by screening “The Ambassador to Bern” “A berni követ”, a political thriller based on real historical events.

Source: By Maydaa Abo El-Nadar

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