writes that the Hungarian Trade & Cultural Centre (HTCC) of Kampala also commemorates the anniversary of the Hungarian revolution and war of independence of 1848-49. Globoport’s reporter tells us how.

The creation and conservation of the Hungarian historical consciousness is not only a national value unattached to age, but it also means a solidary community in different parts of the world that needs to be guarded, educated. So, as we live in Uganda as Hungarians from Székesfehérvár, I couldn’t imagine not commemorating one of the most prominent events of Hungary’s modern era history here, in the heart of Africa, since it is one of the foundation stones of our national identity. However, it is true that we are only celebrating today with close family members and that this is not a public holiday here, but we still wear our cockades proudly and revive our historical knowledge.

ünnepelni máshol

My children talked about the background of the revolution, Sándor Petőfi, Mihály Táncsics and Mór Jókai in their class. They also recited the National Song (Nemzeti Dal) in Hungarian and English thus making this prominent part of the Hungarian history more understandable for the African kids and teachers.

They perfectly understood the importance of the 12 points phrased by József Irinyi since freedom, equality and brotherhood are important to all nations. It makes me patriotic and proud to be able to pass on something that is important to us here, in Africa. Even though we are far away, we celebrate together with all Hungarians with dignity and commemorate our heroes who sacrificed their lives for independence.


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