Would you like to test your sport skills and simultaneously take part in an interactive exhibition where you can get an insight into the world of athletes? If your answer is yes, you should definitely visit The Champion at Millenáris, an interactive experience park for the whole family.

The exhibition welcomes visitors with playful sport-test-stations called ChampLABs. There are 7+2 ChampLABs and each of them focus on a different skill: speed, reaction time, reflexes, eye and hand coordination, endurance, cleverness etc. But don’t worry, you don’t have to take on serious sporting activities, only small exercises which can be done by both kids and adults. Also, you don’t have to wait in line, because several people can fit around each station.

The whole experience starts off by getting a special watch, which keeps track of your results, so that you can get a certificate of your performance in the end. Every game starts with you registering through your watch. There are big infoboxes at the ChampLABs, which show you what you have to do at each station.

The best part about the exhibition is that you’re surrounded with the highest technology. As you go from station to station you can watch breath-taking slow-motion videos of famous Hungarian sportspeople on huge screens. There’s also a quite amazing pool created with 3D real-time projectors, where you actually feel like you’re under water while you’re witnessing e.g. a water polo match from down under. 49 Hungarian athletes contributed to the amazing shots, while they also shared some secrets about what it takes to become a Champion.

You can also learn about sport curiosities, like what a professional swimmer eats, what the oldest sport is, which vitamins are indispensable in a sport diet etc. This interactive, high-tech, personalised exhibition is a great programme in a group as well, because you can compete with your friends or family without snuffs. The tasks aim to brig out what you’re really good at and also what the ideal sport would be if you were an athlete.

Moreover, you can share the experience, especially the photos that you can take at special selfie spots or on the top of the podium with your certificate. There’s also a small theatre hall at the exhibition, where you can watch a play about Hungarian Olympians around 1956. It’s witty, in a good sense, and gives you an insight behind the scenes: look at the life of athletes in the communist era.

The exhibition is a great programme for anyone who loves sports, wants to learn more about sports, or is simply looking for an adventure with friends or family. Make sure to check it out at Millenáris 🙂

Photos: www.facebook.com/TheChampionÉlménypark

Copy editor: bm

Source: Daily News Hungary

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