Google photographed a river route via six countries, including Hungary, said. You can start the virtual tour, here is the majestic Danube.

Google started taking panoramic photos, which are necessary for the Danube Street View, last summer, and the photos are now available in the system. The virtual travelers can sail next to architectural landmarks, bridges, nature reserve areas along the areas of Danube in Budapest and Hungary and Slovakia, Bratislava, in Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia or in Cernavoda, Romania, while they also sail Croatia and Bulgaria.

If you are interested in the photos made by a backpack-mounted camera with 15 lenses, you can watch here the making of the video of But if you would start to tour right away, click on the starting page of the Google Danube project or choose from the following departure options: Parliament in Budapest Chain Bridge in Budapest, Bratislava Castle, Vukovar, Transylvania Kazan Strait (Cazanele Mari).

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