Hungary uniform Olympic Games

Hungarian contestants will appear on the sporting event dreamed up by Nubu clothes.

Last Saturday, Hungary’s sport uniform was presented within the framework of Bring the sport into fashion! show, which is traditionally organised every year, focusing on a central theme dreamed up by Gabriella Lukács and Márk Lakatos. After previous years’ poetry and environmental awareness, this year’s central topic was sports.

This year, every sports fan concentrates on Tokyo where all the venues are completed on schedule for Olympic Games 2020; so time has come to present the official uniform of the Hungarian athletes designed by Nubu.

Hungary sport uniform Olympic Games

Allee fashion show has been organised for four months, presenting 355 sets of such brand collections as Van Graaf, GAS, Nubu, Reserved, Envy, Samsonite, Saxo London, Intersport, C&A, Playersroom or Sugar Bird.

Allee Fashion show

The show was attended by several Hungarian Olympic medalists and world champions, including Géza Imre, Mihály Kótai, Zoltán Gergely Szénási, Hege László Hegedűs, Ádám Babos, Zsolt Szénási, Fanni Pigniczki, Anna Juhász, Rudolf Dombi, Botond Storcz and Dr Balázs Baji.

Hungary sport uniform

“Sport has a central place in our hearts due to its cohesive force that builds community, and it has a special role in everyone’s life. We are proud to be the first to present the Hungarian athletes’ uniforms for this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. By Allee fashion show, we would like to express our respect towards the achieved and forthcoming success of the Hungarian athletes.” – commented Rita Berzevici, Marketing Manager of Allee.

As the Hungarian news portal reports, the show displays the key locations of the world’s most prominent sporting competition; presenting the most popular sports such as running, swimming, football, golf, sailing or even archery.

Allee fashion show2

The spectacular fashion show can be viewed next weekend as well in Allee shopping mall, along with a special exhibition in the mall’s atrium, which displays the sport’s most memorable moments and Hungarian contestants. Attendance is free!


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