Budapest (MTI) – The co-ruling Christian Democrats (KDNP) have called on the government to resist what they see as renewed pressure from the European Union to allow migrants to enter Hungary.

KDNP deputy Istvan Hollik referred to remarks by Nils Muiznieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, made earlier on Wednesday, suggesting that Hungary’s current asylum law and practices do not comply with international or European human rights standards.

Hollik insisted that “Brussels is trying to take revenge on Hungary for the umpteenth time” in retaliation for the government’s rejection of mandatory migration quotas.

Hungary’s migration rules are fully in line with European guidelines; Hungary abides by those European rules while “other countries obviously violate them,” Hollik argued.

Europe “must hear the voice of European citizens and change its migration policy,” Hollik said and warned that another 1.5 million immigrants could arrive in Europe in 2016.


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