Budapest, November 2 (MTI) – The co-ruling Christian Democrats agree with the decision to withdraw plans to extend taxes next year which the public interpreted “incorrectly as the internet tax”, the party said after a board meeting on Sunday.

In a statement sent to MTI, the party board expressed hope that developments to improve internet access in small villages will not be delayed as a result of the decision.

The participants at the meeting confirmed that the Christian Democrats consider it important to introduce rational regulations on Sunday opening times for shops. They propose that parliament regulate the basic framework for opening times but give local councils the authority to take into consideration local demands.

The statement said that the results of the recent local council elections understandably embittered those that were defeated, but even the greatest defeat does not justify the launch, “in desperation”, of a series of attacks against Hungary. The Christian Democrats board is calling on opposition parties with parliamentary groups to dissociate themselves at home and also in the European Parliament from “irresponsible” moves by the Democratic Coalition, it added.


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