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Weather forecast for Christmas in Hungary

Weather forecast for Christmas in Hungary

From Friday on, the temperature has risen a bit. Although some snow may fall in the mountains and the Tiszántúl, a thick layer of snow cannot be expected. This will remain so in the Christmas holiday too, according to

On Saturday, in the morning there will be heavily and mildly cloudy areas around the country, in the afternoon, more and more clouds will arrive in the country. In the morning in the Tiszántúl sleet can be expected, or even snow. During the day, in some areas, there will be rain or snow in the mountains. Strong winds can be expected in some places. At dawn, the temperature will be around -4, +4 °C which will rise to 2, 7 °C through the day.

On Sunday we can expect cloudy skies all over the country.

In most areas, sunshine of more hours can be expected.


In the morning and especially in the Eastern part of the country smaller rains might fall. The highest temperature will be around 6, 11 °C and it will be colder in the North-Eastern areas.


On Monday, the skies will be mostly bright and sunny, but there may be some clouds, the fog will disappear. In the North-East, it will be foggy and cloudy. It will not rain. The West wind may get stronger. The lowest night temperature will be around -3,+3 °C,

the highest temperature during the day will be around 4 and 10 °C, but in the foggy areas it will be somewhat lower.

On Tuesday, there will be several hours of sunshine, but in the North-Eastern region, fog and clouds can be expected, with some rain. It will be windier and the temperature will be between -3 and +2 degrees at night, and it will peak at 7, 12 °C.

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