Budapest, April 6 (MTI) – The CIA has not uncovered any concrete terror threat against Hungary, the prime minister’s chief security advisor told public television M1 on Wednesday, commenting on Polish press reports suggesting that the American agency had warned of a possible attack.

The government turned to the CIA over the report but received no confirmation of it, György Bakondi said.

Polish daily Rzeczpospolita wrote on Monday that the US had warned Poland that there was a danger of simultaneous attacks being launched in Berlin, Budapest and Warsaw.

Bakondi said that if there were a substantive threat then the US would have warned Hungary. He added that Budapest regularly receives information from the American authorities and the Hungarian authorities also actively take part in international cooperation by the secret services.


Zsolt Molnár, the Socialist head of parliament’s national security committee, told reporters after a meeting of the body that Hungarian security officials have no knowledge of any credible terrorist plot against Hungary. Molnár added, however, that a recent threat made by the Islamic State militant group naming Hungary as a possible target of an attack was credible. Hungary’s terror alert level remains unchanged, he said.

He said the police investigation into a February incident that occurred in front of the National Election Office, in which a group of “thugs” prevented a Socialist lawmaker from submitting a referendum question, was still ongoing. He said the investigation had uncovered that several of the “thugs” had criminal records.

Photo: MTI


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