City Park Ice Rink opens today and it is waiting for those who want to skate with extended opening hours on Saturday and with unchanged ticket prices, wrote.

This summer, the expansion of the Ice Rink’s refrigeration technology system was completed, among others, the refrigeration compressors made in 1986 were renovated, and refrigerator exchangers were replaced with another one with 70% more performance, MTI wrote. As a result, the cooling equipment of the rink can handle the operational difficulties caused by extreme weather more effective than ever – Budapest Local Government wrote to MTI.

According to, the capacity increase resulted that devices producing ice will be able to create high-quality ice surface suitable for sports even under warmer winter weather conditions from the 2015-2016 season.

The modernization will allow the City Park Ice Skate Rink to operate uninterrupted, continuously in the coming winter seasons.

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