collected some places where you can eat healthy food. It means it doesn’t contain harmful, over-processed or unnatural ingredients. The majority of these places have gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dishes, and all of them are natural and clean, the online magazine said.

La Delizia

The confectionery and biscuit manufactory has collected from everywhere and developed them in their own, La Delizia-style. In their café in Jokai utca, they offer ca. 40 kind of biscuits, cakes, macarons and cream cups.

Every product is made with natural ingredients, and you can buy there orange or lemon peel, melted cane sugar, ginger, cinnamon and many other products. You can choose gluten-free and lactose-free products as well.

La Delizia also offers you birthday or Christmas presents by choosing a personalized tag for them, said.

Budapest, Jokai u. 13
Budapest, Pozsonyi ut 7

Napfenyes Bistro

This little vegan restaurant and shop makes non-dairy cheese and faux meet products in a nice place. With 12 years’ experience, they offer meat-, egg- and dairy free food with daily menus, pizzas and falafel, said.

Budapest, Rozsa utca 39.

Naspolya Nassolda

According to, it is downtown café where every sweet and salty snack is vegan, and the products are made from organic fair trade ingredients. Fresh ingredients are used from local producers; their dishes don’t contain gluten, egg or dairy. Naspolya Nassolda is also a dog-friendly space, so you can take your pets with you.

Budapest, Kaldy Gyula utca 7.

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Photo: La Delizia Facebook page


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