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Hungarian-German company to conquer the German construction industry?

Hungarian-German company to conquer the German construction industry?

According to, KÉSZ Group is starting a series of new constructions with their new German partner. As a first step, they are going to build a European Guesthouse in the city of Herne, where they can hold professional training for the workers arriving there.

The collaboration

The cooperation agreement was signed by the German FAKT AG and the Hungarian KÉSZ Group on Wednesday, in the German city of Herne.

According to the agreement, KÉSZ Group is going to be responsible for the execution of the majority of the projects created by FAKT.

The collaboration has already opened their offices in both Herne and Essen.

The main branches of the project developer FAKT Group are real estate, the local governments’ infrastructure, investments in the capital market as well as focusing on environmentally friendly power generation or utilising the tight resources effectively. FAKT Group is operating through their professional network made up of partners and representatives in Germany and, on the international market, in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London and Paris. The group is responsible for 20 affiliated and project companies at present.

This is a huge step for KÉSZ Group for future international expansion.

The first collaborative project is converting the Shamrockpark located in Herne into a European Guesthouse which is going to serve as a service centre for foreign workers.

The establishment is going to be more than the average accommodation as it is going to provide the arriving workers with a number of training courses to help their easier integration along with housing, of course.

The experiences in development are going to add up

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Signing the agreement

The founder of KÉSZ Group, Mihály Varga, emphasised that

“It is a happy recognition of our work that two such serious international companies are going to start their joint work in Germany.

Both companies strive for long-term value adding that they are going to start in Germany, in the Northern-Rhine-Westfalia region as a first step.

In the collaboration, experiences in development, resources and workmanship are going to get concentrated. Even though KÉSZ has been present on the German market for 15 years, FAKT is going to be an excellent partner in complementing each other’s knowledge and resources to start and execute joint projects.”

“We wanted to create a new living space for the city together with Herne.

We successfully initiated several international collaborations and we are especially pleased to announce our partnership with KÉSZ Group.”

– said Hubert Schulte-Kemper, managing director of FAKT AG.

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Balázs Szegner, the counsel-general of Hungary, also welcomed the collaboration: “I am pleased to see that there are strong and competitive private companies in Hungary that are able to expand in the centre of the German industry, in the Ruhr Area as well.

It is significant that KÉSZ Group that managed to obtain a considerable reputation in the construction industry is going to fill in the position of the primary contractor on this market, something only a few were able to achieve until now.

I am proud that the strategic partnership between two excellent and successful companies is based on the foundations that I lay.”

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