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Here comes Fred, Google’s new algorithm update

Here comes Fred, Google’s new algorithm update

A few days ago, on 7th March, Google revealed one of its latest update posing an ever greater challenge to Hungarian and foreign SEO, MTI reports.

Ranking factors have changed at a glance, and several websites, including plenty of Hungarian ones have disappeared from Google’s search result list. At first, many thought about link-based ranking algorithms: news were spreading like wildfire that the new update is able to examine not only the number of links but also their quality, András Evenich Hungarian SEO expert told MTI. However, people are still speculating about how Fred works, and confusion has not been reduced since the new update has appeared.

While everyone is striving to develop their websites, for unexplainable reasons, many sites are disappearing from the top of search result lists, or, what is worse, they are disappearing from Google’s search results for once and for all. This is really happening, despite that the amount of links and their content had been adequate, furthermore, it did not contain any AdSense advertisement surface, which was leading Fred’s penalty lists. Concerned sites include the Australian DejanSEO known to be the world’s largest company dealing with SEO, which is also hit by Google’s new update. According to some research, MTI writes, some of Google’s sensors confront each other.

Unfortunately, as informs, Google’s experts were not willing to respond to questions arisen. According to speculations, they are updating three times a day, maybe in this very moment, too. However, automatic algorithm tracking tools have been contradicting this idea since Fred was born. Many are guessing on Hungarian forums as well: how Fred algorithm might work and how the the damage in the rankings could have been done by it. Experts are expecting Google to make an announcement on the crucial factors, notes.

Fina Aristic

This may not be the end of guessing, and Hungarian and international SEO experts are spotting new changes in Google’s search results, and a growing number of penalty factors in relation to Fred.

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