Budapest, March 9 (MTI) – Hungary’s Constitutional Protection Office has launched an investigation into a recent incident in which a group of thugs allegedly prevented Socialist deputies from submitting a referendum initiative.

Socialist head of parliament’s national security committee Zsolt Molnár and Bernadett Szél, member of the body delegated by green LMP, said that on top of the thugs obstructing the operations of a democratic institution, the incident had national security aspects, too. They added that “the whole of society” wants to know what happened. Molnár called the incident a “disgrace” for Hungarian democracy and added that the explanations provided so far are unacceptable.

Ádám Mirkóczki, a committee member delegated by radical nationalist Jobbik and ruling Fidesz’s Szilárd Németh, deputy head of the committee, condemned the incident. Mirkóczki noted that “some people” suggest a link between Jobbik and “thugs hired by (Fidesz’s) Gábor Kubatov”. In reaction, Németh called Mirkóczki’s remark “paranoid” and quoted Kubatov as denying any connection with the thugs.

Photo: MTI


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