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According to Tropical Magazine, more and more talented designers, also capable of competing internationally, are appearing in Hungary. They are taking part in an increasing number of prominent events in Hungary presenting their implemented designs. Nini Molnár, Richárd Demeter and the DVA team are the dominant actors in the contemporary Hungarian fashion. Their designs and accessories pop up in many places, online, on the catwalk or in everyday life. Yesterday we published an interview with Nini Molnár, and now we focus on Richárd Demeter fashion designer.

Richárd Demeter is a 21-year-old young talent. Apart from fashion design, he is also studying and works as a stylist. He learned the basics of design from a Hungarian fashion designer. It was important for him to learn about the profession precisely, though his plans also include further studies abroad.

“In our world today, it is important to have our character reflected in our clothes.”

Photo: Orsolya Hajas

When did you decide to become a fashion designer and to create your own brand?

I have been interested in fashion since my childhood and am mostly fascinated by the creations of Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen. Everyday life inspires me: the scenes on the street, the people and anything can put my imagination into gear. I founded the Richard Demeter brand almost 2 years ago. My team has changed a lot since then and know I feel that I am working with the right people. At the launch of my brand, I received very little help and did almost everything on my own. I prepared for the first show and collection for almost 1 year and I received my first big order after fashion show, which was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.

Who inspires you? For whom do you design? How would you define your own style?

In the world today, it is important to have our character reflect in our clothes. Strong women inspire me and I design for them. It is most important to me is that when someone wears my product, they should radiate self-confidence. I make my designs individually, but production is done by my team takes under my supervision. I general, I create street and glamour styles, in fact combining the two. Each of my collections contains black, white and neutral colours, complemented with gold. My target clientele are women aged 18 and 35. The satisfaction of my customers and my clients is my success.

Photo: Orsolya Hajas

What are your goals for the future?

My long-term goal is to expand abroad and to add a greater reputation to my name through my designs. After a small sabbatical, I shall return with a 2018 spring/summer collection.

Photo: Orsolya Hajas

Featured Image: Oleg Borisuk

Source: by Anita Sz.K./Tropical Magazine

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