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Photo: MTI/Márton Mónus

Entry into Hungary from Austria will be permitted if people present a document showing the negative result of a test for novel coronavirus carried out in the previous four days, according to a government decree published on Thursday.

But if Covid-19 symptoms become apparent within 14 days of entry, home quarantine will be obligatory and the authorities must be notified by phone.

The rule also applies to anyone with permanent residence in Hungary who is a citizen of a European Economic Area country.

The regulation does not apply in the case of freight carriers crossing the border.

The government is negotiating with neighboring countries on the possibility of opening additional crossings, according to a police official.

The Hungarian government also decided to lift quarantine rules from Friday for Slovak citizens who travel to Hungary and stay for no longer than 24 hours.

The measure is in response to the Slovak government’s decision to allow its citizens to travel to a neighbouring country without requiring them to enter quarantine on their return, Péter Szijjártó said on his Facebook page.

The measure, which applies from today, will help the reunion of families and communities living in the border region, he said.

In view of bilateral economic relations, commuters were already allowed to cross the border for work, Szijjártó noted.

Slovakia, like to Hungary, has been effective in containing the epidemic and has kept the number of infections low, he said.

Source: MTI

  1. The decision by our Government, that have been exemplary, under the leadership of Prime Minister – Victor Orban, throughout this on-going novel coronavirus pandemic, permitting entry by Austrians into Hungary, is a further step forward in the re-opening of Hungary.
    It highlights the on-going amicable relationship that exists between the Governments of Austria & Hungary, which will continue to strengthen over time, working closely together, in specific areas, that will benefit, the economies of these countries, and there people.
    It is paramount that adherence to the applicable Laws in place on entry into Hungary are respected and observed.
    There is ABSOLUTE confidence – that this further example of us re-opening – will be – POLICED – with firmness – that will dismiss flexibility deviation away from the applicable Law of entry into Hungary.
    Those who try to outsmart or abuse our Laws, not forgetting, this novel coronavirus pandemic, is still – without a vaccine, that through there disrespect and abuse of the Law and there selfish action(s) – they should be “scolded” and heavily penalized for there inconsiderate action(s).
    We are walking – still – and will be for TIME, on warmish coal, beneath our feet, which by DISRESPECT – we don’t want, that IGNITION of that coal, unbearable in it’s heat, that ceases us from walking over it, that could see, all the EFFORTS, of so many, through the Government of Hungary, under the Gifted Leadership of Prime Minister – Victor Orban – placing us back, into a restricted lifestyle, that we have RIGHTFULLY had to live for near on the past (3) three months, through this novel coronavirus pandemic.
    Cross our boarders – We Welcome You – but play by our Rules of Law, or be a victim(s) of the ramifications that will be legally, rightfully, and Democratically – enforced upon you, if our Laws are not Respected & Observed.

  2. There is one interesting issue in that regards. That’s excellent that the authorities are trying to find a solution of how people will travel between neighboring countries. Besides, they are making changes in laws accordingly. Wonderful.

    But I have got one question. How about permanent residents of Hungary who are 3d country nationals (non-EU)? In all neighboring countries this issue has been solved, and, for instance, Slovakia or Austria allows not only their citizens to enter the country, but their permanent residents (without taking into account what nationality they are: EU or non-EU) as well.

    So, why the rights of permanent residents are not equal to the rights of citizens in that regard?! To my mind this is quite unfair.

  3. Mat, excellent question that needs Clarification and Answering.
    We are Residents in Hungary, from “the land down under” – Australia.
    We have lived in Budapest for (3) three years and we are Confused of our permitted comings and goings outside the boarders of Hungary at this time.
    Lets Hope a reader may assist us with an answer.
    Stay Well – You and Yours.

  4. Albert Andrew BOOTH, you’ll need to apply for an entry permission letter here (bottom left option, then COVID-02). Attach your passport and residence permit if instructed, and answer any questions in Hungarian (using Google Translate if needed). You should get a PDF from the police, to be printed and presented at airline check-in as well as at the border.

  5. Crazydre, this is a wonderful option, albeit completely inconvenient. It seems to me that residents (at least permanent residents) should be treated like citizens in terms of border crossing, as they are entering and leaving their home country (where they live on a permanent basis). This is exactly the way of how neighboring countries (such as Austria, Slovakia, Poland) are ruling this situation nowadays.

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