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Hungarian communication expert, author, publicist and literature historian Krisztián Nyáry made an online video interview on Monday with Hungarian actor Géza Röhrig who lives in New York City and played in the Academic Award-winning movie Son of Saul

saul fia
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HVG reported that the Hungarian actor did not stay at home as many other people to prevent the spreading of the virus, but he has a good reason: he volunteers and helps the work of the American ambulance forces. 

Röhrig did the same job seven years ago for six months but got disappointed as the voluntary work did not meet his expectations. But when his formal boss called him and asked Röhrig to join them again, the actor immediately knew that he needs to be there. 

His voluntary exam expired long ago so Röhrig took a six-hour-long course and passed it again. There are approximately 100,000 voluntary workers right now in New York City which means that there is one for every infected patient. Röhrig works with the help of firefighters during the evenings. He reported that after Brooklyn and Queens the most contaminated area would be Long Island in the following days. 

He cannot perform any medical procedures alone and should have had himself tested, but it was postponed because others need the test more. 

His team has the necessary protective clothing and dress up every time they work. The city provides a flat for every voluntary and ambulance worker. As they are among infected people all the time, they need to be separated from healthy residents, including their families with no exception. 

Röhrig’s other task is to perform ritual Jewish and Muslim purifications on those who passed away and practised one of the two religions. With stricter rules, there is still an opportunity to perform this task before the family attends the online funeral. 

Röhrig added that the closest members of the family are allowed to stand next to their dead loved one wearing protection, but other members register on a particular platform and follow the funeral online. 


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