You do not have to wait longer to enjoy swimming and sunbathing, as some of the beaches in Budapest are preparing to open this weekend. These include Palatinus, Dagály, and Paskál, while the Csillaghegyi pool opens later in May. Other beaches open in June.

Turizmus online reports about the opening dates of several beaches in Budapest, also detailing the entrance fees and other useful information.

The beaches to open this summer season are Palatinus, Dagály and Paskál, opening on the 27th of April, while Csillag Pool opens on the 18th of May. The traditional summer beaches take a while longer: Római beach opens on the 2nd of June and Pünkösdfürdő on the 15th of June. Also, the Pesterzsébeti Jódos-Sós Gyógy- és Strandfürdő beach opens in the second half of June.

The design plans for the Pesterzsébet Bath

The latter beach is about to open for the first time in 13 years, as it was under renovation. The changes applied to the establishment include a new parking lot with 100 places, 11 roofed pools (among them an iodic, a saltwater pool, a children’s pool, one from which you can swim outside, on the therapeutic side a weight bath and a tub, and Kneipp pool). The water at this beach is excellent for curing musculoskeletal and gynecological problems, while the iodine has beneficial effects on the cardiopulmonary system, has demulcent and antiseptic effects, and bromine has antidepressant and stress-relieving effects.

Some beaches do not operate with an entrance fee, while others have an entrance fee of 1000 forints (EUR 3). There are, however, discounts available for children, students, pensioners, and families. Turizmus online writes that discounts are because beaches are trying to create a safe and quality beach experience for a wide range of customers.

Besides, those pupils that finished their school year with all A-s are awarded a beach ticket with which they can enter any beaches in Budapest for free.

This incentive was introduced so that children will aspire to perform better in school.

Please note that cash is not accepted at any beaches in Budapest: you can use your credit card, your SZÉP card or a beach card that can be charged with money at the cashiers. This new system is not only comfortable and reliable but also safe, as you will not have to worry anymore about your wallet.

If you opt for a beach card, you can track your transactions via a phone application. There is no need to leave it at the cash register upon leaving, as

you can use it for five years from the last purchase on.

At the same time, you can give it back at any beach or spa operated by the Budapest Spas and Hot Springs company, and you will get your money back. For more information, please visit the respective beaches’ websites.

If you still could not decide what kind of spa or bath is entirely for you, then we suggest checking out our handy guide.

All of the beaches mentioned above will organise several cultural, sports and family events throughout the summer on numerous weekends: Palatinus is celebrating its 100th birthday, so on June 15, you can attend concerts, Brazilian dance shows, Capoeira and extreme sports shows too.

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