The design plans for the Pesterzsébet Bath photo: termalfurdo.hu

On the 17th of December, one of Budapest’s old and unique baths will reopen after 13 years. The uniqueness of this bath lies in its water. This bath at Pesterzsébet is the only bath in Budapest with iodic, salty water. They planned to open the bath to the public next Spring, but because the covered section of the bathhouse was finished, they decided to make the four covered pools available to the public.

According to the Thermal Baths and Springs of Budapest LLC, the iodic salt water spa at Pesterzsébet will be open to the public on Monday, on the 17th of December – Termalfurdo.hu wrote.

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The operator closed the bath in 2005 because of its loss-making operation. The spa received a complete facelift, so it was intended to reopen in the Spring of 2019, but thanks to the quick operation of the modernisation, the indoor section will open mid-December. The outdoor section with its seven pools will be ready during Spring, as originally planned.

The soon to be open section has 3 medicinal pools and 1 wellness pool, it also houses a Finnish sauna, a combined salt and infra sauna, a steam room and relaxation rooms.

Apart from the composition of the thermal water what makes the bath unique is the Turkish-style cupola and the octagon-shaped pool inside. Although there were rumours about several therapeutic services, such as mud treatment, weight bath, and carbonated water treatment., there is no information whether these services will be available at the time of opening.

The renewed spa will be open between 9 am. and 7 pm. every day. It is definitely worth a visit, as the adult ticket only costs around 6€ (1,900 Ft) and the pensioner ticket is less than 5€ (1,500 Ft).

The address of the pool is 1203, Budapest, Vízisport street 2.

As already mentioned, the outside section of the bath is still under construction, but according to the plans, it will be available to the public sometime around May 2019. Among the 7 pools, there will be a 25 meters large pool, a wave pool, an adventure pool, a plunging pool a Kneipp pool and also a children’s pool for the little ones.

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Source: termalfurdo.hu

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