Those who got the coronavirus and got healed after that may face severe complications after the virus – Dél-Pesti Hospital in Budapest reported.

Index reported that heart problems and muscle pains are the most common complications after someone got infected with the coronavirus and recovered successfully. János Szlávik added that the disease not only attacks the lungs and respiratory system but other essential organs as well. Those who healed from the infection reported that for months they experienced constant weariness. Moreover, it has been proved that after getting the coronavirus, the lungs will never gain back their original capacity. In some cases, after getting out of the hospital, many patients reported the signs and symptoms of posttraumatic stress.

Szlávik stated that Hungary and Israel started to carry out a new experiment that aims to find a way to determine infections from the saliva of patients. 

Hungary is currently the second state where the virus spreads the lost fast was after France. Even in Spain and Italy, the disease is slower, and the number of infections remained relatively low. The epidemic can be slowed down with restrictions but will disappear once and for all with the vaccine.

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