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The ruling Fidesz party and its government should cooperate with the opposition rather than “sowing divisions”, opposition Socialist deputy group leader Tamás Harangozó told an online press conference on Thursday.

The government should accept the opposition’s offer of “extremely broad government powers but limited to a certain period”, Harangozó said.

He also called for remote electronic parliamentary voting, noting that the European Parliament and the European Council had adopted this method of voting.

Harangozó said that the government was “playing a cheap and dangerous political game amid the coronavirus epidemic” by blaming the opposition for thwarting a bill aimed at enhancing government powers without a timeframe. He noted that the state of emergency itself can be extended by a simple majority.

“No such decision was made in parliament because neither Fidesz nor the government had proposed it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Harangozo said more coronavirus tests should be made available in Hungary, adding that his party’s MPs were offering one million forints (EUR 3,000) each, out of their salaries, as a contribution to efforts to combat the epidemic.

In reaction, ruling Fidesz said the government’s epidemic response bill was key to mounting a rapid and effective defence against the pandemic.

“It seems the opposition has still not grasped the need for cooperation in protecting Hungarians from the epidemic,” the statement said.

The measures expiring before parliament could extend the state of emergency next Tuesday need to be regulated with temporary measures, the statement said.

Source: MTI

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  1. Comrade Harangozo has got it all wrong.

    It is NOT the Government that should cooperate with opposition parties during times of (national) crisis but the other way around.

    The fact that European Parliament / Council members vote electronically is of little comfort in view of the INEPTITUDE shown by those ‘august’ bodies to severe existential threats now and over the past several years.

    As for the Socialists (read Communists) donating part of their salaries towards “efforts to combat the epidemic”, that is all well and good but WHICH efforts will be acceptable to these adherents of Marxism ?

    In fact, if the Socialists REALLY believe in Socialism / Communism then they should NEVER accept anything more than the AVERAGE Hungarian wage as renumeration for their ‘performances’ !!

    The Hungarian Government has done an AMAZING job in ‘flattening the curve’ by slowing spread of Wuhan flu within Hungary and – hopefully – hospitals / health care workers will now be prepared for the inevitable onslaught of sick people.

    As I have previously stated, the Socialists – and other opposition politicians – will eventually be judged by the Hungarian population at the ballot box.

    It is about time that THEY stop ‘playing politics’.

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