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With 4 million forints of tuition fee per semester, Corvinus University of Budapest can easily become the University of rich people. According to, from 2020, state-sponsored semesters will no longer be available, and everyone who would like to study at the university will have to pay.

Local newspaper Népszava wrote that András Lánczi, the rector of the university recently held a meeting, where he assured everyone: no one would like to take anyone’s property. According to him, the university is safe, because the current government trusts the leadership of Corvinus.

“There is only one demand from the government, which is world standard.” – said the rector.

It has been written before, that Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, has been dreaming about an English-language business school for years, where the future businessmen would be educated. And, if it is possible, in a non-traditional way. This is an institute Corvinus University of Budapest could become, and at the same time, they would also like to increase the popularity of the “Matolcsy-University” in Kecskemét. It is an obvious win for the political elite, but the teachers and students are very confused about the situation.

We also know, that, instead of state-sponsored teaching, Corvinus would create a scholarship, but the aim is to increase the number of students who pay, at least up to 60% (the current situation is exactly the opposite: 60% state-sponsored students, and 40% of the students pay for studying).

The increase of foreign students, who would also pay, is also expected: by 2030, the university would like to expand their percentage from 15% to 45%.

Népszava also wrote, that the aim of the university is to become one of the best 100 universities in Europe, and the best 200 in the world by 2030. Internationalism is also important, that is why the building of an international student’s hostel would start soon, and also to increase the number of foreign teachers and researchers. The first step of this process could be the agreement with the Chinese Fudan University, which was reached this Friday. With this, a double degree-programme would be started – for 4 million forints per semester.

The academic purpose for Corvinus is to become one of the best 100 universities in Europe, and the best 200 in the world by 2030. 

Translated by Gergely Kolba

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