Budapest, February 2 (MTI) – Counter terrorism force TEK has closed down the streets surrounding Andrassy University in central Budapest due to an upcoming visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, TEK announced on its website.

The area behind the National Museum will remain closed for traffic “as long as necessary, until 8pm the latest” on Monday.

TEK cited an international agreement stipulating measures to ensure security and protection for representatives of other countries as its reason for the ban.

On Monday afternoon, Merkel is scheduled to meet students from across the country at Andrassy Gyula German-language University, and receive an honorary degree from Szeged University.

Civil group MostMi has planned a demonstration in front of the building to coincide with Merkel’s visit, The organisers said they would go on with their protest at an alternative location and seek legal remedy over the ban.

In a statement, TEK said that ensuring security for “the protected person” is impossible unless people entering the area are closely monitored and entry is restricted. The document added that TEK’s measures are “not equal to banning any demonstrations” and that protests could be staged outside the closed area.

Photo: MTI


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