A Momentum Mozgalom aktivistái aláírást gyûjtenek a Blaha Lujza téren 2017. január 17-én a 2024-es nyári olimpia budapesti megrendezése ellen. A Momentum az elkövetkezõ 30 napban azért gyûjt aláírásokat, hogy népszavazáson lehessen eldönteni Budapest rendezzen-e olimpiát, ha ennek jogát elnyeri a nemzetközi pályázaton. MTI Fotó: Bruzák Noémi

Budapest, February 14 (MTI) – A Budapest court has fined a rowdy man 150,000 forints (EUR 487) for vandalising a stall at which signatures were collected to support a referendum on Budapest’s Olympic plans.

According to a statement from the Budapest chief prosecutor’s office, the man was drunk when he kicked the stall in central Budapest on January 20, broke the signs of the stall and swept signed sheets and pens to the ground.

The signature drive was launched by civil movement Momentum to support a local referendum in which voters would be asked: “Do you agree that the municipality of Budapest should withdraw its bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games?”

The initiative is backed by several opposition parties.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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