Whether it is snowy and frosty or there is a staggering heat in the African desert, Zsolt Vadász and his team, the Geonauts are not afraid of its challenges. Blikk.hu reports on their idea that may seem insane at first: the team plans on starting their third Budapest-Bamako rally on the 12th of January, in one month, with a Trabant worth 120 thousand HUF.

Zsolt Vadász told Blikk that they have already proven twice that they deserve their place at the rally, reciting the races of the last couple of years. – “It is true that we raced in the ‘drive whatever you want wit if you are crazy enough to do so’ category, but we did it anyway. Moreover, we received the award for the best low budget team.

Besides the adventure, the main goal is to raise attention”

– reveals the Trabi-maniac conservationist.

Vadász has been member of Geonauta Friendship Society for twenty years: they climb mountains, go on pilgrimages, they make artificial nests, and if necessary, they ring birds and collect rubbish. The East German miracle car called Millenium Falcon is part of their environmental protection plan.

“The task of the Trabant, which has lived a quarter century already, is to raise awareness and show a contrast with the consumer society of today. We do not need the new vehicles worth millions of forints with hundreds of horsepower and digital technology.

Any geographic point in the world is accessible by a car which is built with minimal raw material and that uses a really small amount of energy.

This is why we take pictures of the Trabant at the Eiffel Tower, at the Colosseum or around the North Pole” – explained the adventurer, who also talked about their plans on dazzling everyone who follows their way through the desert dunes.

“We have a very interesting book on our website so that waiting will not be boring either” – Vadász laughed, promising he would not disappoint anyone with the Millenium Falcon next year.

The Budapest-Bamako rally, also known as low-cost Dakar, is a grandiose African car race organised by Hungarians. The two-week journey starts each January from Budapest. It was first held in 2006, with 42 teams only. The distance of the race is almost 8700 kilometres.

Featured Image: http://www.jaratlanutakon.hu/vadasz-zsolt/

Source: blikk.hu

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