With the beginning of September, schools are open to greet enrolled students once again. However, as 24.hu reports, there might not be enough teachers to take care of them due to the crisis of the education system.

Although 24.hu has already written about the fact that the Hungarian education system is in ruins, the government seems to care about other educational issues, such as the banning the gender studies that would help in closing the serious pay gap in Hungary.

At the end of the last school year, at the beginning of July, 24.hu shared a research on the number of teachers that schools were looking for from September. At that time, there were 2,400 teachers missing from the education system all over the country – right now, this number is at 700.

Thus, at the beginning of the school year, 700 teaching positions are yet unfilled in more than 200 towns, cities in the country.

If we take a look at the data, the educational crisis is clearly not specific to any part of the country or bigger cities but is a problem that is present in the whole country. It makes the situation even worse that in numerous cases schools are looking for teachers from „any field”, which means teachers of any kind of faculty are welcome due to the overall lack of teachers.

This means that there are schools in the country where several positions are unfilled at the same time, such as in Ercsi in Fejér county, where a high school is searching informatics, mathematics, history, math-physics-chemistry and English teachers, starting immediately.

It is hard to understand governmental claims that there is no Hungarian educational crisis and the lack of teachers is not a problem.

Source: 24.hu

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