The number of patients infected by influenza virus has not reached the level of pandemic, so it is not too late to receive the respective vaccine. 1.3 million free vaccines have arrived to doctors nationwide, as Index reported. These are recommended especially for people above 60 years or below 2 years, as well as for patients with chronic diseases and pregnant women. The lack of vaccination might lead to an infectious illness with 3-5 days of fever.

Though influenza is not so risky for young people with a healthy immune system, it can be lethal for the more endangered groups.

More people die of the complications of the influenza in the infection period every year in Hungary.

Flu season usually begins in the middle of January and lasts for two months. People become immune to the virus two weeks after vaccination. Protection is not hundred percent effective, of course, but it greatly reduces the risks and the severity of the illness.

World Health Organization determines the three components of the vaccine each year, calculating the most effective protection against the pandemic. Last year’s efficiency always determines the number of people asking for vaccination next year.

It is a critical topic, especially this year, because a more severe pandemic is expected this year, as chairman of National Association of Pediatricians György Póta stated.

The critical disease in Australia is a sign of this, because such viruses appearing in the South often reach the North a bit later.

Póta emphasized that, though children are not endangered directly, but a weakened immune system can mean a risk for them, too. People with chronic diseases are in the greatest danger, according to As the chairman highlighted, the disease can mostly be prevented in the case of children with proper diet, C and D vitamins and proper hygiene.

Antibiotics are totally ineffective against viruses, moreover, they weaken immune system.
Still, Hungary is unfortunately among the top countries in inappropriate antibiotics consumption.

What is even worse, using antibiotics too often can strengthen the resistance of bacteria and can make bacterial infections untreatable.


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