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The Hungarian community from Romania has become, yet again, the losing party when it comes to the use of regional symbols. According to a decision by the Târgu Mureș Court of Appeals, the Szekler flag, as well as the flag of the city have to be removed from the building of the Gheorgheni/Gyergyószentmiklós City Hall. The lawsuit was initiated in February by the infamous Civic Association for Dignity in Europe (ADEC), founded by Dan TANASĂ, an activist known for his extremist and anti-Hungarian views.

According to the mayor of Gheorgheni/Gyergyószentmiklós, the removal of the flags could produce tension among the communities living there, which so far was not characteristic for this city with a 85% Hungarian majority. He added that the Romanian minority and the Hungarian majority have always lived side by side in peace and without any problems.

It is sad that in a country that presents itself as democratic and respecting the rule of law, a supposedly unbiased justice system becomes the messenger and the supporter of extremism and anti-Hungarian sentiment, thus preventing the naturally occurring conditions for a peaceful cohabitation. Moreover, we find it worrisome that it is precisely an organisation that calls itself Civic Association for Dignity in Europe, which initiates lawsuits against the Hungarian community and other minorities.


Source: – press release

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