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Curious accident: a woman driving into a pedestrian subway

Curious accident: a woman driving into a pedestrian subway reports about a bizarre accident that happened on the 13th of May in Budapest, in the M1-M7 highways’ shared section.

A woman drove into a pedestrian subway on Saturday thinking that it was the access road to Petőfi Bridge. The weird accident happened due to her following the GPS’s false directions. Even though it should have been clearly visible that she was heading to a pedestrian subway, about 50 metres before the real access road, she did not really “overthink” it. Luckily, nobody got hurt. Furthermore, the car did not slide down on the stairs because its muffler got stuck. Additionally, two painters helped the shocked lady to get out of the car. Finally, ABAC break-down service arrived at the scene soon and averted the dangerous situation.

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accident car

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