Tallinn, 2017. szeptember 7. A Honvédelmi Minisztérium (HM) által közreadott képen Vargha Tamás, a HM parlamenti államtitkára (b5) az EU informális védelmi miniszteri találkozójának munkaülésén Tallinnban 2017. szeptember 7-én. MTI Fotó: HM / Dévényi Veronika

Preparation for cyberattacks and challenges related to Europe’s migrant crisis were the focus of an informal meeting of European Union defence ministers and officials in Tallinn on Thursday, a defence ministry official said. 

The meeting focused heavily on hybrid warfare and cyber threats, and included a simulated cyberattack exercise, state secretary Tamás Vargha told MTI by phone from the Estonian capital.

As regards mass migration, Vargha said it was clear that the migrant crisis had changed Europe’s security environment, bringing with it an increase in terrorist activities.

Vargha said the meeting had also touched on the EU’s military operations and civil missions in Africa. Citing UN statistics, the state secretary said the continent’s “incredible population growth” posed a risk of evolving into another migrant crisis.

On Wednesday, Vargha paid a visit to the Hungarian contingent stationed in Voru, in southeastern Estonia, as part of NATO’s enhanced presence in the Baltic region.

The Visegrad Group countries agreed last year to rotate their countries’ military presence in the region every three months, each supplying a company of troops.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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