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Czech police start patrolling Hungary-Serbia border

Czech police start patrolling Hungary-Serbia border

Budapest (MTI) – Fifty Czech police officers who arrived in Hungary on Thursday to contribute to border protection efforts have started joint patrols with Hungarian and Slovak colleagues on the Hungarian-Serbian border, MTI’s correspondent reported from Roszke on Saturday.

The Czech policemen are patrolling the European Union’s exteral border jointly with Slovak policemen and Hungarian soldiers.

They are in their own uniforms and carry their own arms while also using their own service vehicles. Like their Slovak colleagues, they wear V4 (Visegrad Four) armbands.

Photo: MTI



  1. Maté Pál

    Go for it Czek and Slovak. The V4 are a fantastic team. This is what friends and partners are all about. If the V4 can do it, why can’t the EU? Countries should be friends, not enemies.

  2. Anonymous

    Finally, in the V-4 (a.k. the Visegrad – 4 = Hungary, Czech and Slovakia the Polaks not yet.. ) decided to build well needed barrier fence – jointly – betw. the home invaders and the V-4 Nations! Now it’s up to the rest of the EU nations to jump on the bandwagon and do it together – ’cause if not, than they must deal with the herd by themselves! Would be nice if Viktor Orban could sue the EU treasonous leaders .. incl. “Mr.& Mrs. Euro” Juncker-Merkel, the odd couple !

  3. Anonymous

    Služba na státní hranici byla vždy náročná a zodpovědná.

  4. Piotr

    The 4th soldier in green uniform is from Poland.

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