There are aproximately 200 people die in our lakes and rivers in every year. With the beginning of the beach season it can not be overemphasized enough that bathing may fraught with danger, particularly in rivers. The police attract attention of the dangers of swimming in the Danube and the prevention of accindents in every year. During this year, 19 people has already died in the Danube, reports.

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In these dog days people increasingly bath in prohibited areas. During the summer season the water police is more activated in the Danube. In the area of the capital and near to Mohacs there are one rescue ship in pernament preparedness and there are more vehicles activated in that part of the river, depend on the different tasks, said.

According to law neart to Budapest bath is prohobited in the Danube and it may trail on the spot fines along.

Earlier it was allowed to swim primarily in the river tributary- in the Moson-Danube(Győr, Halászi and Mosonmagyaróvár), in Ráckeve’s section of the Danube (Ráckeve, Dömsöd and Szigetszentmárton), in the Fadd backwater and in Baja, in the Kamarás-Duna. A few years ago Dunabogdány joined this list.

It is prohibited to swim around ports, ship stations, in the way of ships and watercrafts , in the city area as well as during the night and in low visibility except when the surface water is floodlit at least up to the border of the deep water.

The use of the pedalo, air mattress and other inflatable device are qualified as swimming so for using them the rules of swimming are expected to follow.

Take our advice!

Don’t swim alone!
If a place is unknown for you don’t plunge!
Pay attention to an accidental underwater obstacle!
If you are hot don’t jump into the water immediately, firstly cool your body!

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