Budapest, January 28 (MTI) – The law on information self-determination and freedom of information need to be amended at several points and a proposal about this has been sent to parliament, the head of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information said in an interview published in Wednesday’s business daily Napi Gazdasag.

Attila Peterfalvi said a new General Data Protection Regulation will update the current European Union Data Protection Directive and Hungary’s law will need to be adjusted accordingly. The Hungarian data protection authority’s proposals will be debated by parliament in April and they could be approved in May, he added.

The new EU regulation aims at ensuring identical conditions for data management by member states and data services to third countries, he said. Hungary completely lacks the internal corporate regulations needed for the latter so these have to be prepared, he added. There are plans to set up a data registry and giving the authority rights to check mandatory data supplies, he said.

Peterfalvi said he would support the introduction of legal regulations on the operation of drones and on the publication of news images of police officers on duty.


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