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Dating is hard in and of itself. Add to the mix the communication barriers that come with dating in a foreign country, and it is essentially the hardest thing to do in the world. With Valentine’s Day upon us, it can feel a little pressuring to find someone. We have compiled a list of dating apps that can help make the process easier. Some you might know, some are a little more indie.


Tinder is probably the most popular dating app on the internet right now, with the highest gene pool. It is easy to sign up for, does not take too long, and you get good matches. However, it is harder to gauge a person as compared to other apps because of its far less comprehensible bio. So, unless you make the effort to start a conversation, you cannot know if you will like the person.


Bumble is the female take on tinder, as the woman is the one who makes the first move. Bumble is a lot more comprehensive and complex in terms of how it works. The bio is different, and matches do not last for longer than 24 hours. Where tinder is more visual, bumble is more personality-based.

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         3. OKCUPID

OKCupid is a completely different concept from the left-right swipe that every other dating app offers. OKCupid has an in-built compatibility questionnaire that is necessary to fill out, which then makes up a percentage of how much you match with a person. Then, you decide whether you want to talk to that person. It is an extremely logical method and fairly mathematical.


The name of the app is as long as the process it takes to get registered for coffee meets bagel. The process is long and tedious, and I am not entirely sure if it is completely worth it. They have to verify you. You have to fill in a lot of details, and not a lot of people know about the app.


Hater is a unique take on love where you bond with people on the basis of the shared hatred of things, which is honestly a Bingpot. The app works in the sense that you get shown things on the screen, and if you hate similar things as someone else, you get matched, and the rest is history. I think of this app as my personal favourite mostly because I get to rant about things I hate, and if anything, that is a pretty good consolation for not having a partner.

The whole dating app experience is very hit and miss, so the chances of finding the right one vary from person to person and depend on what you are looking for. However, these apps make life a little easier, and who knows, maybe you will find that cute person from work there one day?

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