Debrecen, 2017. december 3. Ünnepi adventi díszkivilágítás Debrecenben 2017. december 3-án. Jobbról a Debrecen Eye óriáskerék látható. MTI Fotó: Czeglédi Zsolt reports that this year, the Christmas Fair of Debrecen offers several novelties, like the big wheel of Debrecen.

The new attraction, called Debrecen Eye, has been in operation for a few weeks now in the Christmas Fair of Debrecen. It operates at the main square, and because of this novelty, the Christmas tree was set up closer to the Reformed Great Church of Debrecen this year. The 15-meter-high Christmas tree was offered by János Gábor Szilágyi, an inhabitant from the quarter of Kismacs in Debrecen. Furthermore, the younger ones can also enjoy sightseeing train tours between the Great Church and the big wheel that offers a great opportunity for them to admire the illuminated attractions.

The Christmas atmosphere is crowned by the 170,000 floodlights used as decoration for the Christmas Fair besides another 16,500 that dress up the Christmas tree itself.

MTI Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi

In Piac Street, to the great delight of the visitors, the sight of the spectacular and extremely popular lighted tree and the lighted fountain can also be admired. In addition to this, the variety of attractions culminates in an illuminated ball into which people can even sit.

The illuminated Debrecen Eye /MTI Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi/

At the square, the “Give it further” cottage is also set up where the Caritative Association of Debrecen welcome durable goods and other presents from those willing to donate which are going to be distributed among those in need.

Besides all these, without doubt, the most popular novelty is the Debrecen Eye that is 33 meters in diameter and operates between 24 November and 6 January. As far as the ticket prices are concerned, it is 1,500 Ft (5 euros) for an adult and 1,200 (4 euros) for pensioners and kids under 12, but family tickets are also available for 4,500 Ft (15 euros).

The Főnix Event Organizer Nonprofit Ltd., the organizer of the market, said that visitors can enjoy the big wheel ride for about 5 minutes, that is 3 complete circles, and given the 26 open cubicles, even 156 people can take a ride at the same time.

/MTI Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi/

The opening hours of the Debrecen Eye:

from Monday to Thursday: 14-20 o’clock
on Friday and Saturday: 12-22 o’clock
On Sunday: 12-21 o’clock

After taking a ride, those interested can visit the market where 100 cottages welcome the guests with their unique products. Meanwhile, the background music is provided by stage concerts and performances.

This year, the building of the Old City Hall is also open to the public, and while it was transformed into a fairy-tale garden on 20 August, during the season of Advent, angels are in the center of its theme.

Photo: MTI
The Christmas Fair of Debrecen, photo: MTI

Featured image: MTI


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