Budapest, November 27 (MTI) – Hungary plans to double its defence spending by 2022 in order to develop its armed forces, Defence Minister Istvan Simicsko said on Friday.

The trials and tribulations of the recent period have further helped NATO to develop from a military alliance based on common interests into a real community of values, Simicsko told an international NATO conference in the parliament building.

The terror attacks in Paris have demonstrated that mass migration involves real internal security risks. By increasing defence spending, Hungary will support NATO’s efforts against terrorism as well, the minister said.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Hungary needs to do a lot more than double defense spending. The Hungarian armed forces are in sad shape because Hungary refuses to adequately fund national defense. Manpower (29,400) about half the size of NYPD is simply inadequate to defend the country and there are no real reserves. Furthermore, a large percentage of active duty troops are old and out of shape. The percentage of females (17.6) in the armed forces is the highest in the World. There is a complete lack of modern armor. They currently have only 15-30 old T-72’s on active duty with another 60 in storage (too old to be sold). Most of their armored personnel carriers are over 30 years old. They only have 30 towed artillery pieces and 6-8 helicopters. The Air Force has only 14 modern combat planes (2 of which are trainers). Recently, 2 of the planes crashed due to human error caused by lack of adequate training. Most of their other equipment is old Warsaw Pact crap. This is a third world military that would not last 24-72 hours in a 21st Century war. Hungary simply refuses to spend adequately on national defense. The Hungarian armed forces are rated 20 out of 25 of the European militaries. Even smaller countries (Croatia, Slovenia, etc.,) have more modern and effective armed forces. Hungary wants to depend on other countries for its defense. How did that work out in the past?

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