synchronised artistic swimming
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The Hungarian Artistic Swimming Association (MSZUSZ) held its first press conference at the Duna Aréna on the 13th of April. They mentioned not only the National Senior, Junior, and Masters Artistic Swimming Championships but also the 16th FINA Artistic Swimming World Series that will be held between the 18th and 20th of May in Budapest.

The competitions

In the recently renovated arena, the Hungarian artistic swimming team dazzled the members of the press with a breathtaking performance. Bernadett Iker, the speaker of MSZUSZ, accounted the two prestigious events and the opportunities for artistic swimming in Hungary. She believes that this success is due to Dr Julio C. Maglione, the speaker of FINA, who said that

the 2017 World Cup in Budapest was “the best Swimming World Series of all times”

and Tamás Gyárfás, member of FINA’s Executive Committee, who was offered to become the leading expert of artistic swimming.

synchronised artistic swimming

Sándor Balogh is the head of the Organising Committee and recently a chosen member of MSZUSZ’s chairmanship. He announced that even though the constructions at Duna Aréna are not finished yet, optimal conditions for the competitors will be guaranteed. Their motto is: “everything for the sake of the sporters”.

“There are no small or big events for us, we want to assure all representatives of all kinds of sports that there are the most important for us whether they are swimmers, water-polo players, or ambitious artistic swimmers.” – Balogh said.

synchronised artistic swimming

The Hungarian team

Natalia Tarasova, captain of the Hungarian artistic swimming team, talked about their performance.

“I am very satisfied with the performance of this young team.”

They did an unbelievable job in the training camp in Dubai as well. It is important to me that the leaders of the association do not expect them only to maintain the level of their performance. Therefore, I can go to the senior competitions with these juniors. This means that the aim is not to keep the reasonable performance but to join the international forefront as early as possible. My agreement with the team expires soon, but we are already talking about renewing it. As for me, I want to finish what I started.”

The youngest

The seven-year-old twins, Mátyás Benjámin Pór (boy) and Anna Szelina Pór (girl) confirm the thought that artistic swimming cannot be started early enough. Their promising duo’s performance at the press conference was a huge success.

synchronised artistic swimming

Éva Szántó, managing director of p2017 Nkft., talked about the preparations of the world series. She highlighted that even though Budapest joins the series only this year, the city already managed to invite the Russian world champion team and the Spanish combo world champion team among other prestigious medal winners. 15 of the world’s best teams have already announced their arrival to Budapest so far. Additionally,

the tickets are being sold out quickly on

Tamás Gyárfás, the member of FINA’s Executive Committee, emphasised that FINA, with its 209 member states, plays an increasingly important role in artistic swimming. He has to represent artistic swimming on an international platform, but in a tied case, Hungary will be the first for him.

The closing element of the press conference was the dance of the Hungarian junior team on the dry land. The lady’s performance made a big impression on the representatives. Hopefully, that will be the case at the National Junior Championship as well, when they will already be performing in water.

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Source: Hungarian Artistic Swimming Association

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