After it was found that Bosch delivered the injection systems responsible for pollutant emission for Volkswagen, which caused the diesel scandal, and the electronics’ program able to falsify the measurement is also from them, contacted Bosch’s Hungarian subsidiary in the case. The website was interested whether Hungarian engineers participated in the development of the cheating program, which was otherwise not originally written for fraud.

The question arose because Bosch is one of the largest foreign employers in Hungary, they are employing a total of 10 500 people, hundreds of them are engineers. One of the company’s activities in Hungary is also linked to the development of diesel systems.

Bosch, however, did not reveal whether Hungarian engineers participated in the development. In the first round, they responded to the letter of just that they forwarded the question to the German center. Then their later reply was: “Because of our commitment to our clients, in order to maintain their trust, we cannot currently disclose additional information regarding our existing business relationship with Volkswagen.”

In addition, the Hungarian translation of the German press center’s communication was forwarded, which has nothing to do with the asked question; they wrote the manufacturer is committed to diesel engines. Diesel is a key technology in achieving the carbon dioxide targets, and even 95% nitrogen oxide reduction can be achieved with the most advanced technologies of Bosch in the use outside of the tests, the communication wrote. could not really conclude from this of the Hungarian engineers’ involvement, but the company did not refute the hypothesis.

According to the writing of Bild am Sonntag, Bosch previously indicated to Volkswagen that basically, engines will be illegal with this program, but the car manufacturer did not consider the warnings – this is how the program got into 11 million cars, which operates the diesel engine on a low nitrogen oxide emission mode only if it is examined at a standstill on a test bench. Even on the day of the scandal’s outbreak, Bosch said because of their contractual obligation, they could only supply what Volkswagen asked.

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