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International travelling by aeroplane to abroad is not recommended this year, but that does not mean that you cannot discover a country from above. Three companies in Hungary organise unique hot air balloon and helicopter tours to admire the beauties of Lake Balaton, Budapest or the Great Hungarian Plain.

Travelo reported that the company Fly-Coop takes passengers on tours almost every day. The company offers many activities and programs including travelling by hot air balloon, helicopter and even old-fashioned aeroplanes for nostalgic passengers. Besides the air taxi services, passengers can order 47–50 minutes of flights taking off from the area of Lake Balaton, Velence and some points of Budapest.

FlyCoop, Hungary, Budapest

Another company, called Air Panorama specialises in the areas of Budapest. Besides the capital, AirPanorama flies passengers to Esztergom, Szentendre and Visegrád. 

AirPanorama, Hungary

The company DreamAir mainly takes passengers to Lake Balaton to admire its unique features, for example, Tihany and Badacsony, while FlyBook mainly shows the area of Győr, Gemenc and Pannonhalma. 

DreamAir, Hungary
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