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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) is launching a signature drive to bar Hungarian citizens who have never lived in the country from voting, Ferenc Gyurcsány, the party’s leader, announced in Budapest on Tuesday.

Those who have never lived in Hungary do not bear the consequences of their votes, Gyurcsány argued, adding that his party was not aiming to strip them of their citizenship.

He said those who “do not share in the everyday-life of the country” should not have the right to impact the lives of those who do live in Hungary.

The future of Hungary’s health-care and pension systems should not be decided from Sydney, Caracas or Odorheiu Secuiesc (Székelyudvarhely) in Romania, Gyurcsány told a rally.

Though DK does not believe that with five months to go until the election Hungary’s election law could be amended, it wants the government to “hear the voice of the people”, Gyurcsány added.

Ruling Fidesz said earlier that while Gyurcsány was ready to “resettle migrants” in Hungary, he was “waging a hate campaign against Hungarians”. “The Hungarian left wants to implement the Soros plan and relocate migrants to Hungary following Ferenc Gyurcsány’s lead, but at the same time it is always ready to mount a hate campaign against Hungarians,” Fidesz communications director Balázs Hidvéghi said in a statement.

Source: MTI

  1. Ferenc Gyurcsany, former PM,who created Hungary’s greatest dept/crisis while in power,shoud keep his mouth shut!

  2. I as a current Kulfoldi, wish to live the rest of my life in Hungary soon. Even though i am diaspora, i have lived with family there over many decades for weeks at a time to see the changes. Lately in the last 7 years and after following pre 1939 history books. This period is really starting to glow as a world class country. Yes, you will always have the poor and unfortunate, but so does every other city. The constitution had been renewed to reflect OUR history. No commie government will ever accept that. I will never accept allow a commie government back in to hurt my family and people. When i vote, i make a family informed decision to better them and one day myself too. This party attacking my choice, should be called the “CK”, Communist Coalition Party”. We don’t need to listen to this loser bunch.

  3. Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsány really is a disaster for his own country. How can he (and his comrades from old times) bring up the opinion that Hungarian people living abroad don’t have any right to vote. Is he afraid that the majority will vote for Fidesz? Doesn’t he have any respect for his own people that are forced to live ‘abroad’ after Trianon? Does he forget that he was the leader of the MSZMP, communist party – nopw called MSZP? Does he really think that by changing the name of the political party all miseries are gone and forgot? No, Mr. Gyurcsány, there are people that will never forget what has happened in the dark period of communism. I was a young fellow, living in Holland and during the uprise of the brave Hungarian people I was among those who broke windows of a communist ‘newspaper’ in The Hague and I am proud that I’ve done so!
    Mr. Gyurcsány, you look like a (bad) actor who is telling lies and who thinks that people believe in him. Your time is over and you can enjoy your nice villa along the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

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