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Budapest, May 19 (MTI) – The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) has proposed that the rules of electing Hungary’s president should be changed so that the president is elected solely with the backing of a supermajority of lawmakers, the party’s spokesman said on Thursday.

Under the party’s proposal the president could also be elected in a popular vote, Zsolt Gréczy told a press conference.

DK also wants a new constitution which would declare that the country is a republic, and restore democracy with respect for human rights and basic freedoms, he said.

Incumbent President János Áder is unsuited to the post since he has been serving the interests of ruling Fidesz and its leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, similarly to his predecessor, Pal Schmitt, Gréczy said.

Two other opposition parties, Jobbik and green LMP called for direct presidential elections earlier this month.

Earlier this week, a footage was released by commercial Hír TV, in which a co-ruling Christian Democrat deputy said it was “impossible” that President János Áder should be re-elected for a second term, because Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “would not allow that”. In response, the prime minister’s press chief dismissed speculation about the PM’s role in the presidential election, saying that parliament has an exclusive power in the process of electing the president.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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