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As COVID-19 has spread more and more, not only did the prices of face masks start increasing, but they were quickly sold out everywhere.

A grandmother, Irén, from Pécs started making them for her family and posted about them on Facebook. Her post was shared over 3,000 times, and she has now made over 300 pieces for people from nearby cities, too. She showed us how to do it, so those who cannot buy any but have some fabric lying around can make their own.

Irén has made different styles, and the one below is the best quality out of the ones she has tried.


These are the measurements for the masks. For children, the fabric needs to be 16 cm wide, the sides need to be 10 cm. It needs to be 11.5 cm across while the part by the ears is 9 cm. For women, it is roughly the same; however, you can increase the measurements by a centimetre if you would like. For men, the measurements are: 19 cm wide, 11 cm on the sides, 13 cm across, and the part by the ears is about 10 cm.

fabric for diy face masks
Photo: Irén Vörös

You take the fabric of your choice and draw on your measurements. Take six pieces – three for each side –, sew together four pieces on their arched sides, then the other two, also on their arched sides. Put them together so that the sewing is on the outside and start sewing the straight sides together. Before you get to the last side, turn it outside so you cannot see the seams. Attach your elastics or ribbons to the corners and you have your very own, homemade face mask.

Masks waiting for the elastics to be sewn on.

diy face masks
Photo: Irén Vörös

Mask packages waiting for their owners.

face mask packages
Photo: Irén Vörös

It is important to wash it every night and to iron it on high temperature.

There are other ways to make masks, as shown in this video where a different style is demonstrated.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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