The “Study In Hungary” education service made an interview with Doris Keszthelyi, Head of Office of the International Study Programs Office of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) of the Corvinus University of Budapest.

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Study in Hungary: Dear Doris, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Doris Keszthelyi: I am Doris Keszthelyi, Head of Office of the International Study Programs Office of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) of the Corvinus University of Budapest. I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day work of the office that coordinates FBA’s programs that are taught in English.
Study in Hungary: How would you briefly define Corvinus University of Budapest in 3-4 sentences?
Doris Keszthelyi: Corvinus University of Budapest is Hungary’s leading university in the fields of business administration, economics, social sciences, and agricultural sciences. It is amongst the most recognized higher educational institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 16,000 students studying and over 500 full- time and 200 part-time professors teaching at its 6 faculties. The university has 2 campuses: The Pest (Kozgaz) Campus gives home to the Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Social Sciences, while the Buda Campus houses the Faculty of Food Science, Faculty of Horticulture and the Faculty of Landscape Architecture. The work achieved at the university involves both academic and international research projects.
Operating with 6 faculties, the University provides undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and PhD study programmes in the areas of economics, business, horticultural science, food science, landscape architecture and social sciences. Located in Budapest the Corvinus University of Budapest with its cca 14 500 students, among them approx. 12 % are international, is an ideal meeting point for those coming from different cultures. As an internationally recognised institution it has achieved a number of international accreditations and is ranked highly in the areas of both education and research.Corvinus is the proud alma mater of a large number of Hungarian and foreign business and political leaders.

Study in Hungary: What are the competitive advantages of your university compared to other Hungarian and European universities?
Doris Keszthelyi: Since the university launched its English-taught programs in the early 1990’s, it has become evident (graduates are living and working in over 85 countries worldwide), that the Corvinus diploma is accepted and valued on the job market throughout the world.
Corvinus is a leading business and economics university not only in Hungary, but also in the Central- and East European region.
Students studying in Corvinus’s English programs study in a truly international environment, as the incoming close to 1000 foreign students (from close to 50 different countries) spending a semester at Corvinus each year study in the same courses as the students in the English degree programs.
The professors teaching in the programs are highly qualified, dedicated professors from the international and the Hungarian business world with hands-on experience in the subject areas they teach;
International focus, with professors from a great many countries
Modern resources and facilities;
One or two semester’s study abroad opportunities in over 300 higher educational institutions in over 40 different countries.
A professional management team to assist students in solving any problems encountered in the course of their studies
Graduates of the programs can choose to continue their studies in a Master degree (and later PhD) level, or can enter the job market as valued employees.

Study in Hungary: What programs does your school offer for foreign students and what are the languages of instruction?
Doris Keszthelyi: The Corvinus University of Budapest offers a large number of programs at the bachelor, master and PhD levels in Hungarian. More importantly, however, from the point of view of students interested in studying at Corvinus, it also offers a number of programs taught fully in English.
The programs offered in English at the bachelor level:
Faculty of Business Administration
– BA in Business and Management (also internationally accredited by EPAS /EFMD)
– BA program in International Business
Faculty of Economics
– BA in Applied Economics
Faculty of Social Sciences
Communication and Media Science
International Relations
Those interested in the English language programs offered at the master and PhD levels, should check out the university website.

Study in Hungary: Is there a Preparatory Program for students interested in applying to one of the above mentioned programs?
Doris Keszthelyi: Yes, in fact, there are two preparatory programs. One specializes in preparing students for the business and economics programs of the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Economics, while the other prepares applicants for the English bachelor programs of the Faculty of Social Sciences.
In both cases, English and Mathematics are taught, however, the focus of the two programs differs based on the type of program (business/economics or social sciences) the applicant plans to apply to.

Study in Hungary: Could you give information about the university campus to us?
Doris Keszthelyi: Corvinus has two campuses. One on the Buda side (housing the Faculties of the former University of Horticulture) and one on the Pest side (just a few minutes’ walk from the central downtown area) housing the Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Pest Campus has 3 buildings close to each other housing all the university’s facilities (lecture halls, seminar rooms, IT center, computer labs, library, etc.)

Study in Hungary: What are the tuition fees, dormitory costs and other living expenses of your students?
Doris Keszthelyi: The cost of the degree programs ranges from 2000 EUR to 3000 EUR per semester (the programs are 6 or 7 semesters in length) depending on the given study program.
Accommodation costs range from around 300 to 450 EUR/month/person (depending on the type of accommodation). While dormitory space is available to students, it is limited and students often prefer to rent an apartment near to the university with a friend.
Living costs are around 300 EUR/month, depending, of course, on the person’s needs and requirements.

Study in Hungary:  Do you have any scholarships or discounts for prospective students?
Doris Keszthelyi: Students from certain countries can apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for the duration of their studies at Corvinus. In addition, in the case of tuition-fee paying students, Corvinus also offers a so-called “Corvinus Compensation Program”. Within the frame of the program, students who achieve above certain academic grade point average are reimbursed part of their tuition fee. The amount reimbursed depends on the grade point average achieved.

Study in Hungary: What are the current and new target countries for Corvinus University and its preparatory school to recruit new students?
Doris Keszthelyi: Currently, we have students primarily from countries in the CEE, Asian and Middle-East regions, although students from the EU, as well as from countries on the American continent are also enrolled in the programs. The English programs’ aim is to make their student body as international as possible.



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