Several foreigners live in Hungary, who have contributed to the country’s development with their mental and financial capital. The “Study In Hungary” education service made an interview with Dr. Gyula Zeller, the Vice-rector for Finance, Strategy and Relations at the University of Pécs.

dStudy in Hungary: Dear Vice-rector Zeller, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Dr.Gyula Zeller: My name is Gyula Zeller, I am the Vice-rector for Finance, Strategy and Relations at the University of Pécs.

Study in Hungary: How would you briefly define the University of Pécs in 3-4 sentences?
Dr.Gyula Zeller: The University of Pécs is the oldest university of Hungary. It was founded in 1367. With its ten faculties and 22,000 students the University of Pécs plays a significant role in Hungarian higher education. We are pleased to have 2000 international students representing more than 60 different nations. The University of Pécs offers a wide range of international programmes in a variety of disciplines in English and in German that provide the students with varied and exciting career opportunities around the world.

Study in Hungary: What are the competitive advantages of your universitycompared to other Hungarian and European universities?
Dr.Gyula Zeller: We have an exceptionally wide experience and tradition in international education. The University of Pécs has been offering full degree programmes taught in English for 30 years and in German for 10 years. Our more than 2000 international students are the best proof and guarantee for the advantages of our institution. We are delighted to receive a growing number of applications from the international students year by year.
We have a uniquely wide range of international programmes to offer for the degree-seeking international students. At present all our 10 Faculties offer different international degree programmes, taught mostly in English but also in German. These programmes can be characterized by their very competitive tuition fees and high academic quality. Our international students say that the living cost in Pécs is much lower than in the capital city.


The University of Pécs is a very open and supportive institution. We pay special attention to helping our international students to integrate into the university as well as into the local community. Our different student services organize various events, parties, excursions on a regular basis for the international student community. For instance the International Evening, where our international students cook their national dishes, show their musics and dances, is one of the highlights of the year. The University of Pécs offers many different sport activities for the students. We also have two very successfully running and unique projects, the Dancing University, where our students can join 26 different dancing classes free of charge and the Music University which helps the musical talents to develop.
Another advantage is being located in a very attractive university town. Our uniquely beautiful and culturally active city, Pécs, received the prestigious European Capital of Culture title in 2010.Pécsis a beautiful place to study. It is simultaneously a friendly place and a very active city, whereour students find everything that they can wish for.

Study in Hungary: Which programs does the University of Pécs offer for foreign students and what are the languages of instruction?
Dr. Gyula Zeller: 39 degree programmes in all levels (BA/BSc, MA/MSc, PhD) taught in English and German languages and numerous preparatory courses are available at the University of Pécs.


Bachelor programmes in English:

  • Architecture (10 semesters, BSc+MSc);
  • Biology (6 semesters, BSc);
  • Business Administration (6/7 semesters, BA);
  • Chemistry (6 semesters, BSc);
  • Computer Science (6 semesters, BSc);
  • Earth Sciences (6 semesters, BSc);
  • English and American Studies (6 semesters, BA);
  • Geography (6 semesters, BSc);
  • Mathematics (6 semesters, BSc);
  • Nursing and Patient Care – Nursing Speciality (8 semesters, BSc);
  • Nursing and Patient Care – Physiotherapy Specialization (8 semesters, BSc);
  • Physical education and coaching (6 semesters, BSc);
  • Physics (6 semesters, BSc);
  • Psychology (6 semesters, BA);
  • Sport Management (6 semesters, BSc).


Bachelor programmes in German:

  • BEd Training Kindergarten Teachers for German for Ethnic Minorities (6 semesters, BEd) (Kindergärtnerin für Deutsche Minderheiten);
  • BEd Training Elemantary School Teachers for German Ethnic Minorities (8 semesters, BEd) (Grundschullehrer für die deutsche Minderheit).

Master programmes in English

  • Applied Management (4 semesters, MSc);
  • Architecture (BSc + MSc, 10 semesters);
  • Ceramic Design (4 semesters, MA);
  • Classical Music Education (Piano, Violin, Flute, Guitar)(4 semesters, MA);
  • English Studies (4 semesters, MA);
  • European and International Business Law (2 semesters, LL.M.);
  • Human Resources Counselling (4 semesters, MA);
  • International Relations (4 semesters, MA);
  • Joint Degree Programme in International Realtions: Europe in the Visegrad Perspective (4 semesters, MA – Pécs (HU), Cracow (PL), Brno (CZ), BanskaBystrica (SK)).

Master programmes in German

  • German Language, Literature and Culture (4 semesters) (Deutsche Sprache, Literatur und Kultur);
  • German as a Minority Language and Literature (4 semesters) (Deutsch alsMinderheitensprache und -kultur).

dddMedical programmes in English

  • Dentistry (5 years, DMD);
  • General Medicine (6 years, MD);
  • Medical Biotechnology MSc Programme (4 semesters, MSc);
  • Pharmacy (5 years, Pharm.D.).

Medical programmes in German

  • General Medicine in German (6 years, MD) (Humanmediz in auf Deutsch);
  • Dentistry in German (5 years, DMD) (Zahnmedizin auf Deutsch).

PhD/DLA Programmes in English:

  • Architecture / Architectural Engineering;
  • Biology;
  • Business Administration;
  • Chemistry;
  • Earth Sciences;
  • English Applied Linguistics and TEFL/TESOL;
  • Health Sciences;
  • Physics.

The University of Pécs also offers a range of engaging preparatory courses to help students succeed in their future studies.

  • English Language Preparatory Course – 10, 11 and 4 month programme;
  • 3-Week Preparatory Course in Academic English;
  • 3-Week Preparatory Course in Biology, Chemistry and Physics;
  • Preparatory Course for Business Studies – 10 and 4 month program;
  • Preparatory Course for Medical Studies – 10 and 4 month program;
  • English for Medical Purposes (EMP) Preparatory Course – 4-week program;
  • Preparatory Course for Pharmacy Studies – 10 and 4 month program;
  • Preparatory Course for Psychology – 10 and 4 month program;
  • Hungarian Language Preparatory Course – 10,11 and 4 months programme;
  • Hungarian Language Semester Program.

dddddddStudy in Hungary: Could you also give information about the university campus to us?
Dr.Gyula Zeller: The Faculties of the University are located in different parts of the city, therefore you can meet our students everywhere. It is easy to approach these campuses by the efficient and inexpensive bus service. One of the great things about being a student in Pécs is that you can easily explore the city on foot. Riding a bike is also popular among the youth. Many of our international students pedal back and forth to the campuses.We also have a campus in Szekszárd, in a lovely city nearby. All our campuses are well equipped and provide the students with the highest quality of teaching. Some of our campuses are located in recently renovated beautiful old buildings whereas others are modern facilities.

Study in Hungary: What are the tuition fees, dormitory costs and other living expenses of your students?
Dr.Gyula Zeller: Our degree programmes have different tuition fees. They are varied between 2000 EUR and 11,750 EUR per year. The living cost in Hungary can be considered low by European standards. The average living cost of a student is about 400 EUR per month. The dormitory cost is 92 EUR per month.

ddddStudy in Hungary: Do you plan to launch new programs in near future – upcoming September at the University of Pécs?
Dr.Gyula Zeller: We continuously monitor the demand of our prospective students and develop new programmes on the basis of their needs. For instance new Computer and Civil Engineering programmes are planned to be launched from 2015 at our university.

Study in Hungary: What are the current and new target countries for the University of Pécs to recruit new students?
Dr.Gyula Zeller: We are open to receiving students from all countries. At present we are delighted to have students from 68 countries of the world.



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