According to, we get a taste of winter on the last day of the week.

At the end of the week, the weather will be what we used to be in November. Cooling comes, there will be a lot of clouds and rain does not avoid us either. The spring-like weather remains until Friday.

Earlier in the week, a changeable but still mild weather can be expected; the sun emerges in many places for a few hours – especially in the western lands.

On Tuesday, the clouds begin gathering from north, there can be lesser rain as well. However, the air will still be warm: 13-18 degrees can be expected. On Wednesday, the west, northwest wind intensifies and rises stormy. In the South West Hungary, sunshine remains, but rain and shower can be expected elsewhere.

By Thursday, strong wind subsides but air movement does not extinguish completely. Pleasant temperatures still remain; the air warms to 15°C in the early afternoon. On Friday, the wind strengthens again, and there can be rain in many places as well, but cooling is not expected that day, 14°C is possible, wrote.

On Saturday, however, we will feel the new cold front which reduces the temperature thoroughly. The front also brings rain, the air heats up only to between 5 and 10 degrees. On Sunday dawn, there can be freeze in many places, the temperature rises only to around 3-6°C, and rain may be replaced by sleet in some places.

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