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ECtHR rules against Hungary for violating assembly rights

ECtHR rules against Hungary for violating assembly rights

The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday condemned Hungary for banning a demonstration back in 2010, which the court sees as violation of the right to free assembly as defined in the European Charter of Human Rights.

The demonstration had been called for April 17, 2010, in front of a prison in Budapest, where right-wing activist György Budaházy and others were held, seen by the organisers as political prisoners.

The police, however, banned the demonstration, saying that it would block traffic and no alternative route was available in the area.

The Strasbourg court said that the Hungarian authorities had “disproportionately interfered” with organiser Zoltán Kortvélyessy’s right to freedom of assembly, and ruled that

Fina Aristic

the Hungarian state should pay him 1,000 euros to cover legal fees.

The ruling is appealable.

Source: MTI

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  1. Martaburka

    Previously, in Venice, a group agreed that the law does not contravene EU regulations. It seems that the EU has so many commissions one is sure to disagree with another. Hungary should ignore this ruling. Soros should be declared enemy of the state and anyone so-operating with him.

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