The ‘Accommodation of the Year’ competition of, held for the seventh year in a row, came to an end. This competition awards cities, conference hotels, and tourist attractions besides the best accommodation. Its purpose is to draw attention to the best of the tourism sector and the treasures of Hungary.

The best accommodation of 2019 is three-star hotel Art Hotel Zalakaros, and the tourist city of 2019 is Eger, reports Turizmus.

The executive director of the group, József Szigetvári, said that the accommodation of the year is such an accommodation that shows it is possible to create something outstanding in every category with quality, great value, and hospitality, and to constantly increase the satisfaction of guests.


Eger was voted the tourist city of 2019, and, according to Márta Hegedűsné Majnár, manager of Egri Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft., almost 7,500 votes were cast, which can be attributed to several components.

For example, in the first quarter of 2019, the number of overnight stays increased by 15 thousand compared to the same period the previous year. That could be explained by Eger’s characteristics strengthening every season because of attractions and recommended activities.

In the past months, guests arrived mostly from Budapest and Pest County as well as the southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain and the Transdanubian region.

As for foreigners, Polish, Czech, and Slovenian tourists remained the majority, while more French and Italian visitors came than ever. Apart from them, Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean guests were welcomed as well.

The interest in Eger was enhanced by the renovation of streets, squares, and courtyards this year. For example, the Eszterházy Square and Erzsébet Court, or the minaret, which is now completely renovated and safe for tourists to visit.


In the future, the image of the family-friendly city will be emphasised in tourism.

Adventure walks around the city are popular this year among visitors. On these tours, four tour guides in period costumes show tourists around the historical city.

Next year, M25, which connects the city to the M3 highway, will open and will shorten travel time significantly. Furthermore, Eger will be the guest of honour at the Travel Exhibition in Budapest in 2020.



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