Budapest, June 14 (MTI) – The opposition Egyutt party has called on the Hungarian Olympic Committee to release the feasibility study pertaining to a possible bid by Budapest for hosting the 2024 Olympics.

Earlier this week, the general assembly of the Hungarian Olympic Committee approved the submission of a declaration of intent to host the 2024 Olympic Games in Budapest, and asked for the support of Budapest’s municipal council, urging the assembly to authorise Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos to officially submit a bid together with the Olympic committee.

Egyutt lawmaker Marton Pataki noted that the Olympic committee said it based its decision a 1,300 page feasibility study into hosting the summer games, put together by PricewaterhouseCoopers and its partners. This study, the party says, is restricted. Egyutt said it would have liked to see the study, as it said certain revenues and expenses listed in the study “seem over or understated”.

The party said it has not yet received a response to their official request to view the study.

The Hungarian Olympic Committee said it was briefed on the feasibility study before it approved the submission of the declaration of intent.

A report on the feasibility study presented to the committee said “hosting the Olympics in Budapest is a feasible and worthwhile undertaking”, adding that the Hungarian bid is a viable contender for the 2024 games.


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