Mercer, one of the world’s biggest HR consulting firm, publishes its quality of life index every year, which includes the list of the safest cities. British newspaper Independent notes: this compilation is one of the most comprehensive of its kind. Mercer examined the cities’ relationship to other countries, internal stability, rate of crime and law enforcement, reported.

Budapest is the 5th most dangerous on the list. According to the reason, social insecurity is on the rise since the outbreak of the refugee crisis. They recall the chaos at the railway stations and the demonstrations on the streets, when Prime Minister Viktor Orbán tried to stop the influx of refugees.

Sofia is the 4th on the list. It is the capital of the poorest country of the EU, increasing social insecurity and anti-government and anti-austerity protest are mentioned by Mercer.

Athens is now on the podium of the dubious list. The reasons are the demonstrations due to the economic difficulties and the increasing crime. The Greek capital is followed by Belgrade. Here, however, there are very few violent crimes, but corruption, theft and vandalism impair the quality of life, wrote.

It is not a big surprise that the most dangerous European city is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine (in the photo). In addition to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there are several thefts, vandalism and violent protests with hundreds of injured people and even dead.

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  1. This is the stupids false finding ever.. I find cities in Germany France and uk to be way more dangers. Walking around budapest i felt. Safe people were calm and no sings of sand monnkeys anywhere.. Budapest is awesome..

  2. The story is misreported. Budapest is the 5th most dangerous city in Europe to the illegal migrants riding the backs of a few refugees. They realized the danger after making it through Serbia, the rest of the Balkan states, Greece included to find police, soldiers, and politicians ready to deal with the vermin. To the Brit that reported the story, of course it may seem dangerous to the reporters when they can’t tell an illegal migrant from a resident, nor speak or recognize the language spoken there. I was just in Budapest after 30years, a native, and i never felt more safe in comparison to my recent visits to London, England, Paris, France, New York, New York, and even my city Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  3. The article is definitely fake news since it is more dangerous in other cities Europe I have visited, unfortunately cities in Sweden.

  4. Budapest as “europe’s 5th most dangerous city”?! Are you F* sick?! Just take a good look at Bruxelles, Paris, Rome, London or even Amsterdam – just to stick to capitals only. But if not, thre are plenty of actual very unsafe “dangerzones” like Naples, Marseille or any French city with significant arab population. Yeah, that’s the sad truth. Firstly in Budapest there aren’t such colonies or nogo zones at all.
    So anyone, absolutely regardless to race or ethnicity from afros to jews – which is also important and rare bonus nowadays – can go walk any time anywhere in the city because it is highly unlikely to be attacked, shot or blown up by a fucktard going to rape virgins in heaven..

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