(MTI) – The National Election Office (NVI) on Friday registered 12 national party lists for the April 6 general election, raising the total to 18.

Under Hungary’s election law, parties that enter individual candidates in at least 27 constituencies in nine counties and Budapest can field a national list.

The six parties registered previously were the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, the opposition left-of-centre Unity alliance (comprising the Socialist Party, Together – Party for a New Era, Democratic Coalition, Dialogue for Hungary and the Liberal Party), the radical nationalist Jobbik, the green party Politics Can Be Different (LMP), the Homeland Not For Sale Party and the Workers’ Party.

In its Friday session, NVI added the following 12 parties to the scope of contenders: Party for a Fit and Healthy Hungary, the Social Democratic Civic Party, the Independent Smallholders Party, the Together 2014 Party, the New Hungary Party, ex-Socialist Katalin Szili’s Community for Social Justice, the Hungarian Roma Party, the Green Party, the New Dimension Party, the Democratic Community of Welfare and Freedom (the successor to the Hungarian Democratic Forum MDF), the Unity Party and Maria Seres’s Allies.

In addition, NVI has registered all the 13 national minority lists submitted by the Armenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Greek, Polish, Roma, Romanian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian communities.

Photo: MTI

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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